Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle was towed by the Midlothian Police Department for either a Motor Vehicle Crash, or an Arrest, you need to obtain a Tow Release from the Records Division prior to pick up from the corresponding tow agency.  

Tow Releases can by picked up from the Records Division or after-hours police supervision at the MPD Lobby.  The Lobby is open Monday thru Friday 8AM - 5PM, and accessible after hours by using the callbox outside the lobby door. 

Release Requirements

  • Vehicles are only released to the legal owner
  • You must provide proof of ownership (title or current vehicle registration)
  • Pay any applicable administrative fees
  • Have driver’s license and proof of valid insurance (if towed for insurance violation)


The Village of Midlothian assesses an administrative fee for each of following tow types:

  • General Tow Release: $100.00
    • Vehicle Crash
  • Enhanced Tow Release: $750.00
    • DUI
    • Alcohol Related Arrest 
    • Misdemeanor Arrest
    • Felony Arrest
    • Driving while License Suspended or Revoked
    • No Valid Drivers License 

All towing and storage fees are a separate expense and are paid directly to the tow company.

Only EXACT CASH is accepted for payment of a Tow Release.