Community Rating System (CRS)    

The Community Rating System is a voluntary program of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Through the CRS, communities that are undertaking floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum floodplain management requirements of the NFIP earn reductions in the flood insurance premiums of their residents resulting in more affordable flood insurance. 

CRS activities are outlined in the 2017 CRS Manual and 2021 Addendum here.

What does this mean for you? 

The Village of Midlothian joined CRS, effective May 1, 2018, with a CRS Class 7 rating!! Midlothian property owners in all designated flood zones qualify for a 15% discount on their NFIP flood insurance premium. If you are not receiving this discount, contact your insurance agent! Please share this letter with your Flood Insurance Agent and Carrier.


* Updated Village codes and ordinances result in improved development and re-development plans, limited potential flood hazards, and additional CRS points toward a higher NFIP premium discount. 

* Executing CRS guidelines and implementing additional guidelines will maintain, and potentially increase, the NFIP premium discount!

Do you live near Natalie Creek or Midlothian Creek?

Follow the USGS Water Alert! The USGS has installed stream gauges at Natalie Creek (149th & Knox) and Midlothian Creek (152nd & Kilbourne). These devises are great aids for monitoring these creeks during significant rain events. CLICK HERE to register for notifications on your cell phone or home computer.

Is your property in a flood zone?

You can search your property, by address, on either of these two flood map links: * the Midlothian Flood Viewer Map, *the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

 Be patient! Both maps need a few seconds to load your address data Click the “Layer” icon at the bottom of the page and then check the “National Flood Hazard Layer” from the layer list. From there you can type the property address in the search bar. Questions? Call the Building Department (708) 385-8642.

Be Prepared! More Flood Resources

The Village staff is committed to helping you identify and resolve flooding or drainage properties you may have on or near your property. Contact the Building Department (708) 385-8642) or Public Works (708) 389-9658)

It is illegal to dump materials, yard waste or debris into a required waterway and violators may be fined. (515 ILCS 5/5-5). If you see someone dumping debris in our water courses or suspect any other illegal activity, please contact Public Works at (708) 389-9658 or the Police Department at (708) 385-2534.

Here is a list of other Flood Resources.

Links to Other Resources:

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IAFSM - Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management

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Guide To Flood Protection In Northeastern Illinois

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Internet Tools

National Academies of Science * Engineering * Medicine

Are you RainReady?

Center for Neighborhood Technology’s (CNT) RainReady initiative helps individuals and communities work together to find solutions to the problems of too much or too little water. Midlothian partnered with CNT to create the nation’s first-ever RainReady Plan. Midlothian and its partners have implemented several key initiatives outlined in the RainReady Midlothian plan: joining CRS, Natalie Creek flood mitigation project, secured funding for Jolly Homes flood mitigation project, created the Stormwater Management Capital Plan which identifies stormwater mitigation projects in the Village. For more information and to see copies of these plans, please visit our
RainReady page.


**Midlothian received CRS points for participating in the BCEGS program. Building Department ISO/BCEGS Rating – Class 4, for 1 and 2 

family residential property and commercial and industrial property (1-10, 1 being best). Fire Department ISO/BCEGS Rating – Class 3 (1-10, 1 being best). Fire Departments and Building Departments both may participate in the BCEGS program, which is a program managed by the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). ISO completes an analysis of municipal fire and building codes and the municipality’s efforts to enforces those codes. Insurance companies may use these codes when underwriting property insurance applications. For more information regarding the Building Department ISO rating, see the links below. 

Building Code Enforcement Evaluation Report  

Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule Results

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