Inspection Information

Important Notice to Builders

The Village of Midlothian and its inspectors must review all work at required phases of the building process.

Failure to adhere to these inspections and/or Village codes will cause additional cost to you, the builder. Our village inspectors are and will be available with proper notice.

Particular phases of inspection before proceeding:

  1. Excavation and footing completion must be reviewed by Public Works before covering or foundation installation.
  2. The foundation must be inspected by Public Works before back filling.
  3. The basement floor cannot be poured until the low grade drain tile, sanitary sewer system and/or electrical conduit are inspected.
  4. No interior covering can be done until frame, plumbing and electrical areas are inspected.
  5. Finally, you must arrange with Public Works to have a water meter installed, have the resident put down a $50.00 water deposit prior to meter installation, and have a final inspection by all departments; building, plumbing and electrical, before occupancy.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Building Department at 708-385-8642.