The Public Works Department maintains trees located in parkways (the parkway is the area between the street and the sidewalk). We will trim any low hanging branches and will inspect the tree if you suspect it may be dead or dying. Please call the Public Works Department at 708-389-9658 to request an inspection or to be placed on the list for trimming. The list is always long, as MPW receives over 150 requests to trim trees throughout the year, so we ask that you are patient and please keep that in mind when making your request.

Tree Trimming

Branch Pickup

We will only pick up larger limbs that have fallen from the parkway trees after a storm or weather event. We do not pickup branches on demand.

Scheduled Bi-Annual Branch Pickup

The Village offers free branch pickup twice per year. This service is intended for fallen branches and light tree trimming. The schedule is as follows, but check our Village calendar for specific dates:

Northeast Quadrant First Monday in April and October
Southeast Quadrant Second Monday in April and October
Southwest Quadrant Third Monday in April and October
Northwest Quadrant Fourth Monday in April and October

Branches must be placed completely on your parkway-with cut ends facing the curb- by Monday morning of your section’s designated starting day. Public Works Crews will continue in each section until all streets in that section have been covered. It is inefficient for our crews to return to streets that have already been picked up once, so please be on time if you wish to participate in this program. 

*Whole trees (cut or not) * Whole bushes         * Logs
* Construction Material: lumber, fence posts, concrete *Old debris * Branches from another property

Tree Removal / Tree Planting

The Village will remove any existing trees in a parkway that are deemed to be dead or dying due to damage or disease. Residents may not remove any parkway trees without written approval from the Public Works Superintendent.

Homeowners wishing to plant a tree in a parkway area may do so at their own expense with permission from the Public Works Superintendent. A permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department and the Superintendent must approve the species of tree to be planted and the proposed planting location, prior to tree planting.

The Village has a tree ordinance in place to give some guidance, as well as a list of permitted and non-permitted trees for Village parkways. View the Village’s permitted tree list here.