Past Construction Projects


2022 MFT Street Resurfacing  
152nd Pl - Lawndale to Millard Hamlin Ave. - 151st St. to 152nd St,
Springfield Ave. - 149th St. to 150th St. Kostner Ave. - 147th ST. to 149th St.
145th Street - Kilpatrick west approx 200' Kostner Ave. - 150th St. to Waverly Ave.
Avers Ave - 151st St. to 152nd St. 149th St. - Kenton Ave. to Knox Ave.
Springfield Ave. - 151st St. to 152nd St. Linder Ave. - From 14547 to 14500 
St. Louis Ave. - 147th St. to 146th St. Central Park Ave. - 146th St. to Abbottsford
Clifton Park Ave. - 147th St. to 145th St. Avers Ave. - 147th St. to 146th St.
148th Place - Lawndale Ave. to Central Park Ave Lawndale Ave. - 148th Pl. to 148th St.
Ridgeway Ave. - Waverly Ave. to 145th St.  
2021 MFT Resurfacing  
Sawyer Ave - 147th to 146th Homan Ave - 147th to 145th
147th St. Alleyway-Homan to Spaulding 147th Pl. - Hamlin to Lawndale
Kenton Ave - Natalie Creek to 148th St. Kenneth Ave - 145th to 143rd
Kilbourn Ave - 145th to 144th 152nd St. - Pulaski to Hamlin
150th St - Hamlin to Lawndale Waverly Ave - Kostner to Tripp
148th  St. - Laramie to cul-de-sac Kostner Ave - South of Waverly 
Kilpatrick Ave - 14532 to 145th Kilpatrick Ave - 14442 to 144th 


2019 Roadway Resurfacing  
Kildare Ave - 146th to 147th Tripp Ave - 143rd to 145th
Kolin Ave - 144th to 143rd Kilbourn Ave - 144th to 143rd
Kolmar Ave - 147th to 143rd Kenton Ave - 147th to 145th
Kenton Ave - 143rd to 144th Cottage Row - 145th to Billy Casper