What is CodeRED and why is it important to me?

logo-CR-keepingcitizensinformed.png CodeRED is an emergency notification service that allows emergency officials to notify residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message, email and social media regarding time-sensitive general and emergency notifications. Only authorized officials have access to the CodeRED system.

Does the CodeRED system already have my telephone number, or do I need to sign up to receive CodeRED notifications?

All residents are encouraged to enroll additional contact information, including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses and specify their notification preferences by clicking here.

The Village cautions residents that such systems are only as good as the telephone number database supporting them. If your phone number is not in the database, you will not be called. One of the reasons the CodeRED system was selected is it gives individuals and businesses the ability to add their own phone numbers directly into the system's database, and that information is immediately available to Village officials to contact in case of emergency.

All businesses should register as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the past year and those who use a cellular phone or VoIP phone as their primary number. CodeRED allows geographically based delivery, which means street addresses are required to ensure emergency notification calls are received by the proper individuals in a given situation. The system will send phone calls to landlines and cell phones, as well as text messages and emails, so we need citizens to enroll their information to select their notification preferences.

Download the Mobile App.

Residents are also encouraged to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to receive Midlothian emergency, general and missing person public safety alerts directly on their smartphones that are specific to the subscriber’s current location. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app may be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play or by visiting

Want to remove yourself from the CodeRed system?

To opt out of Midlothian local calls, texts or emails specifically you can sign in to your account online and remove your information.  If you are unable to do so you can call 1-866-939-0911 and speak to a representative from OnSolve directly.

You can call from the phone that you want to remove from the CodeRed system to 1-800-566-9780 and follow the prompts.  Option 2 and then Option 9.  It can take 24 hours to remove your number.  You may also opt out online either by logging into your Code Red account here or visiting their National Opt-Out Page.