What are the typical fire safety violations that might be found?

Typical Fire Code violations include:

1. Fire extinguishers that have not been serviced annually or low on charge. Extinguishers need to be serviced and ready for use in the event of a fire.

2. Blocked or locked exit doors. The building occupants will need exit doors to be available in the event of an emergency.

3. Extension cords used in place of permanent wiring methods. Extension cords are not manufactured to handle the same amperage loads as permanent wiring methods. Cords need to be unplugged and stored until the next use.

4. Address or suite numbers not posted. The Fire Department will need to find your building if you have a fire or other emergency. Address numbers should be 12 inches tall for industrial uses, 8 inches for commercial, 6 inches for residential, and 3 inches for individual suite numbers. 

5. Exit signs missing or not illuminated. Exit signs show you to location of exits in the event of a power failure.

6. Sprinkler systems not serviced and up to date. A properly operating sprinkler system is essential in putting out a fire.

7. Fire alarm systems not serviced and up to date. Fire alarm systems notify the building occupants of the emergency situation so that the building can be evacuated.

8. Open electrical boxes or exposed wiring. Exposed wiring poses an electrocution hazard to the occupants and emergency personnel.

9. Placards not posted indicating hazard rating of materials. NFPA placards tell the Fire Department when you have flammables or other hazardous chemicals in the event of a fire.

10. Improper handling or storage of flammable materials. Improper use or handling of flammable materials can be the cause of a fire.

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