Posted on: June 1, 2017

Midlothian Post Office To Remain Closed Temporarily....

The Midlothian Post Office remains closed for repairs ....

We received word today that the post office will remain closed for structural repairs that could take another couple months as they continue to receive estimates and work to begin the repairs.

In the meantime, all mail will continue to be delivered as normal out of the Harvey location.  This is causing your mail to be delivered a little later each day, but it continues to be delivered six days a week as always.  All mailboxes in town are still being picked up as well.   Post Office Box, Parcel pickup and Certified Mail will continue to be out of Posen Post Office.

If you have a Post Office Box, Parcel pickup or Certified Mail you need to go to the Posen Post Office located at 2720 147th St, Posen, IL 60469.  You can call Posen Post Office directly at 708-388-7788.

If you have questions about regular delivery you can call the Harvey Post Office at 708-339-1211.  The Harvey Post Office is located at 15441 Center Ave, Harvey, IL 60411.

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