US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant

What is the Brownfield Assessment Grant, and what does it mean for Midlothian?


In May of 2012, the Village of Midlothian was awarded a $400,000 United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfields Assessment Grant (the Grant) to conduct environmental assessment activities at certain properties located in the Village in support of potential redevelopment. This particular Grant was awarded to only three communities in the entire State of Illinois during this round of USEPA funding and would support the costs associated with various environmental assessment activities at elected properties. Midlothian is extremely proud that the Village was awarded this highly competitive grant, requiring no additional funding support from the Village.

The purpose of this Grant is to assist communities and local property owners in better positioning properties for redevelopment. The properties being considered for environmental assessment activities are generally located in areas included in the Village Center Enhancement Plan (the Plan). The Plan was prepared by the Village in 2005, with a second phase in 2008, to establish the boundaries and potential for transit-oriented redevelopment within the Village. The Plan addresses the redevelopment of properties for creating jobs, increasing tax revenue, and creating a better quality of life for Village residents. The Village has adopted this Plan and is working with current property owners within the area to target redevelopment opportunities.

This grant supports the Plan by providing much needed information about the environmental condition of various sites, especially sites with some uncertainty based on past uses. The Grant will be used to fully fund environmental assessment activities that would mitigate that uncertainty. The Village has carefully analyzed and selected sites that would benefit from this Grant. In the event a property owner would seek to sell or redevelop their property, a bank would require this information prior to lending on the property. As a result, having the below outlined activities conducted on these various properties under the Grant will potentially position the properties for an easier sale or transfer. Only a select number of environmental assessments can be conducted under this grant. Access Agreements have been signed for the studies to commence on a number of properties throughout the Village, including the former Chevy dealership at 147th and Cicero.

The environmental assessments will include a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and possibly a Phase II ESA at the identified properties. The Phase I ESA will be conducted in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process E1527-05. The objective of the Phase I ESA is to identify recognized environmental conditions that, through the review of certain reasonably available information, may indicate the presence of a recognized environmental condition. Upon completion, a Phase I ESA report will be prepared and made available to the property owners.

Should recognized environmental conditions be identified at a property, a Phase II ESA may be conducted in accordance with ASTM E1903-11(2011) Standard Guide for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process. These activities would generally consist of soil and/or groundwater sample collection and analysis to assess the potential subsurface impacts associated with the identified recognized environmental conditions. Upon completion, a Phase II ESA report would be prepared. As with the Phase I ESA report, the Phase II ESA report would be made available to the property owner.

The Village has contracted with Weaver Boos Consultants as its environmental consultants on this project. Trustee Karen Kreis is the Project Contact/Coordinator for the Village. Any questions regarding this project may be directed to Karen at 708-389-0200.

This grant provides a tremendous opportunity for both the Village of Midlothian and the various property owners who have been selected for the various studies. Resident comment and feedback is encouraged and will contribute to the success of this Grant.

Your participation is highly encouraged during this process. To give feedback on any aspect of the grant and how it will be applied to properties here in the village, please join us in the Community Voice forums to give us your feedback.

Powerpoint presentation from the meeting held 2-11-14.
Powerpoint presentation from the meeting held 2-26-15.

EPA Official Website - For more information on the grant please visit the official website for the EPA.