Water/Sewer Meters & Rates


  • A $50 water deposit is required for all single family residences. For multiple family dwellings the deposit is $50 per living unit. This water deposit is held in escrow and applied to your final bill.
  • Water is metered into your home at $8.15 per one thousand gallons, with a minimum charge of $48.90 for 6,000 gallons. There is a sewer charge of $4.76 per month, plus a charge of $0.74 for every thousand gallons of water. This covers sewer maintenance and rehabilitation.
  • Most of the meters in the village are read via radio frequency with a handheld device that has expedited the reading process while providing accurate readings and avoiding the estimated bills of the past.
  • The Public Works Department working along with a plumbing contractor has installed new water meters in about 80% of the homes and businesses in the Village. The old meters were being replaced due to their age and to take advantage of new technology which will allow the meters to be read wirelessly at the Village Hall. Meter readings are sent to one of three gateways (antennas) that are mounted in key locations around the Village. From there a radio signal is sent via the internet to the Village Hall. There are several advantages that come along with these meters:

    • Virtually eliminates the possibility of a misread meter.
    • Helps us easily monitor and analyze residential and commercial consumption problems
    • Improves a water loss situation that was depriving the Village of much needed revenue
    • In the near future it will also allow the Village Board to consider bi-monthly or monthly water billing instead of the current quarterly format
    • Cuts administrative time of actually preparing the bills
    • It also allows the present meter reader to be available for other duties to help a department that is short staffed due to the economic downturn


Your meter has a dial that moves with the usage of water. Before you go to bed note the position of the pointer and check it again in the morning to see if it has moved. If it has moved you may have a leak that has gone undetected. Call us. We’ll check it for you!

Keep Bills to a Minimum!

Check out the Water Conservation page for tips on using less water.

Cancel Service

Please be sure to notify the Village concerning your water and sewer account when moving or to cancel service for any other reason. In addition, the Water/Sewer Billing Department will need your forwarding address for your final bill or possible refund due you.
To cancel service or for further information, please contact the Water/Sewer Billing Department at (708) 389-0200.

Seniors Can Apply to Remove Minimum Usage Requirement

As part of an ongoing effort to address the needs of our senior citizens, seniors can now apply for senior exemption for minimum water usage provided the following requirements are met:
1) Senior must be aged 65 or older
2) Water Bill must be in the senior’s name
3) Senior must reside in the home
Applications must be made in person at Village Hall, and a photo ID is needed. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. For more information, please feel free to call us at (708) 389-0200 x5.